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§ 1 AIMS

ANTOR Chapter Sweden is a voluntary Association of National Tourist Office Representatives, established for the exchange of the views on the matters of mutual concern and interests within the travel industry and to develop the international tourism within the framework of Swedish law and custom.


Membership of ANTOR is limited to:

- managers of National Tourist Offices, having their premises in Sweden and recognized as such by the Embassies of their respective countries and confirmed as such by the highest official authorities of their respective countries.
General Sales Agents (GSA), directly appointed as general representatives of National Tourist Organisations in Sweden.

- members of Diplomatic Missions, working exclusively as representatives of National Tourist Organisations.

Newly appointed managers take over automatically the membership of the predecessor in ANTOR.

The managers are also allowed to delegate his membership in ANTOR to another employee of his

Office, providing they will inform ANTOR Board in a written form.


Managers of National Tourist Offices, located outside of Sweden but responsible for promotion of their countries on the Swedish market, may be accepted as Associated Members of ANTOR Chapter Sweden for a double fee.

Associated Members are entitled to attend ANTOR Chapter Sweden meetings, take part in the common activities on the same conditions as standard members, receive the minutes but have no voting rights.

In case the manager is posted outside of Sweden, he can appoint a delegate from the Diplomatic Mission of his country to represent him during the meetings and activities.


ANTOR Chapter Sweden Board includes following positions:

- Chairman

- Vice Chairman

- Treasurer

- IT / PR Officer

- Secretary.

Members of the Board are appointed by the General Assembly and should organize themselves

into the listed positions.

If there is no representative of non - European country within the new Board, the extra Board member will be elected, exclusively from the non - European countries.

The former Chairman will assist the Board with the outstanding issues.

The Board is obliged to:

- prepare the General Assembly and all the scheduled meetings;

- write and distribute the minutes together with all the necessary information;

- execute all the resolutions made by ANTOR meetings;

- get ANTOR members approval for the strategic (long term effect or considerable expense) finance decisions, by getting majority of votes during the scheduled meetings.

The Board has the right to use the professional assistance within the limits of the actual budget.

The Board has the right to assign the highly respected member as the Honorary Chairman.

In case of vacancy in the Board during the term, the Board will co-opt the chosen ANTOR member until the next General Assembly,

obtaining the majority of votes during the scheduled ANTOR members meeting.


The Chairman’s term is one year, that can be prolonged by the General Assembly not more than twice. The only exception from this rule is if no other candidate is found. The former Chairman cannot be re-elected sooner than 3 years after his / her last term.

Should the post of the Chairman fall vacant during the term, the Vice Chairman becomes interim Chairman until the next General Assembly.

The Chairman is obliged to:

- preside over the General Assembly and all the scheduled meetings;

- represent ANTOR Chapter Sweden in its external relations;

- inform the members about the items of general interest;

- act in accordance to the resolutions decided during the meetings.

Suggestions for the new Chairman shall be sent to the Secretary not later than one month before

the present Chairman’s term expires.


The General Assembly shall consist of all the the members of ANTOR Chapter Sweden. It will be led by the Chairman or - in case of his absence - the Vice Chairman.

Members should be summoned to the General Assembly at least once a year, at the beginning of December, but the Chairman has also the right to summon members to an extraordinary Assembly.

The summons will be sent not later than 3 weeks before the General Assembly date and will also include the agenda of the meeting.

The points of the agenda may be suggested by the members between a week before and a week after the summons were sent. In case of changes in the agenda, the final one will be sent not later than a week before the meeting starts.

The General Assembly will also elect two auditors from the members, who are not the Board members.

The auditors will approve the work of the current year Board (in terms of finance and performance), before the new Board takes over the duties.

The General Assembly is the only meeting, that can make changes in the statuses.

The decisions of the General Assembly will be taken with the absolute majority of votes, meaning the decision must receive more than 50% of positive votes from all the ANTOR Chapter Sweden members.

Proxy votes are also valid, provided they are presented at the meeting in the written form to the Chairman.


Scheduled meetings will take place at 10:30 (ten thirty) a.m., usually on the first Wednesday of each month, with the exception of January, July and August, and may be followed by the presentations of the invited guests or luncheon, as per the members decisions.

The Board will have the right to invite - at the expense of ANTOR Chapter Sweden - relevant guests for the benefit of the members.

Decisions taken at the scheduled meetings need the regular majority of votes, i.e. more than 50% positive votes of all the present members.

Proxy votes are also included, provided they are presented at the meeting in the written form to the Chairman.

Members have a right to opt-out of any common activity, which is not financed from the ANTOR Chapter Sweden budget.


The membership fee is obligatory and should be paid within the year, it is valid. The payment is done to the Treasurer, on the base of received invoice.

The amount is decided by the General Assembly for the next calendar year.

In case of new members, it should be paid for half or full year of membership (depending on the time of acceptance during the year) within the period the membership starts.

Within the paid membership fee the member is entitled to:

- take part in the scheduled meetings and the General Assemblies;

- attend the common events accepted by the first scheduled meeting in the new year.


ANTOR Chapter Sweden may organize voluntary Working Groups for the work on special tasks within the framework of its activities.


Resignation will be sent in the written form to the Chairman.


Meet us at Travel News Market

Come and meet us at Travel News Market on Thursday, 8 November in Stockholm! Many of our memebers will be present to share the latest news and developments in their respecitve countries.

Another successful Press Breakfast 2018

ANTOR Malgorzata presentation press breakfast 2018 thumb

On 14th Of March 31 members within ANTOR met with key media and bloggers at the annual Antor Press Breakfast. Around 45 media and bloggers attended and met destinatons from all over the world - to hear about the latest news and trends.

Best travel article and antor press breakfast 2017

IMG 1783 tmb

On 7 April 2017 Antor organised its yearly press breakfast for its members and the media industry. Travel journalists and bloggers were invited to learn about the latest travel news and destination updates from around the world.



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